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BBC have always been leaps and bounds ahead of ITV (Channel 4 can put up a fight when they give a s**t) but ONE OF US seems to exist to stick it's fingers up around it's mouth and blow a taunting raspberry to Chris Chibnall and BROAD CHURCH.

While there's no singular performance that matches Olivia Colman's in Season One of the latter, that's probably the only argument that could be made against Harry & Jack Williams' new four-parter expertly directed by William McGregor.

Atmospheric as all holy hell, capturing the foreboding terror of the Scottish Highlands in amongst the natural beauty, ONE OF US creates a noose around the viewer and asks us to be complicit in it's tightening. In the first two episodes, standout performances from Joe Dempsie and John Lynch prop up a finely calibrated ensemble and while there are arguable plausibility issues here and there, one shouldn't be quick to judge until presented with the full picture - mark this as a place to revisit the review at the very end, but right now they're doing enough right to earn the benefit of the doubt.

Keep up the good work BBC. Enough of the same old, same old - between this and War & Peace, handing over to the new guard seems to be working out pretty well.


            SEASON 01 COMPLETE


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